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Jill CataldoGetting Started

If you have not yet taken a Super-Couponing® workshop, it's the best way to learn how to cut your grocery bill dramatically with coupons! In just one hour, I'll teach you exactly how to match coupons to sales, know what coupons to use, and only cut the coupons you need.

View my live workshop schedule, or purchase the workshop on DVD and learn at home, at your own pace! Have you ever seen a coupon pro on television cutting their grocery bill dramatically and wondered "How do they do that?" I'll teach you how!

With Super-Couponing, you'll learn...

  • Secrets of the couponing pros
  • The number one mistake most couponers make
  • What products you'll never have to pay for again
  • How to "stack" coupons for bigger savings
  • Why the Internet has made couponing easier
  • How to get the store to "pay you" to shop!

Want to save even more money?
With Super-Couponing 2, you'll learn...

  • How to “Think Like a Couponer”
  • Multi-Stacking: Combining multiple deals
  • The year-long grocery cycle
  • The best month to buy clothing
  • Not-to-be-missed seasonal bargains
  • Coupon tips for clearance & online shopping

Order your Super-Couponing®  DVD now!

Now that you've taken my live or DVD workshop, you're ready to get started!

With my Super-Couponing® system, you're only going to cut the coupons you need for this week's shopping trip, and the rest stay in the newspaper insert that they came in. This "clipless" system is designed to do just that... you will clip less!

Step-by step instructions:

Step 1: Save your inserts and organize them

When your coupon inserts arrive in your weekly newspaper, keep all of them. Write the date on the front of each one large enough that you can read it. Then, keep the inserts in an expandable accordion file.


I am a big fan of the "split" accordion file, which has both large, letter-size pockets and a smaller, lower set of half-size pockets. You can find these at office supply stores. (You can also purchase a split accordion file right here at Super-Couponing.com.)

Use the upper, large pockets of the split accordion file for your newspaper coupon inserts. I file my inserts in reverse order, newest to oldest. All of the inserts from this current month go in the front pocket. The previous month's inserts are filed in the next pocket. Two months' ago behind that, and so on:

As you're planning your weekly shopping trips using the online coupon tools that I'll show in Step 2, simply pull the corresponding insert from the file, cut just the coupon(s) that your online tools are calling for, then return the insert to the accordion file.


Use the lower, small pockets of the split accordion file for loose coupons. This is a great place to store all of the loose coupons that you may be picking up at the store (Catalinas that print at the register, coupons from tearpads or "blinkie" dispensers,) any coupons that you might find in another product (a coupon found inside a cereal box or on a product's packaging.) This is also a great place to file any printable coupons that you printed to hold onto for a future sale. File these loose coupons by your choice of categories:

Now, as I'm planning my shopping trips, it's easy to quickly flip through these loose coupons and see if any of them line up to this week's sales as well.

An alternate method for multiple inserts: A file crate

If you're crazy for coupons and enjoy getting multiple newspapers and inserts each week, you may find that your library of coupons will eventually exceed the capacity of an accordion file. Using hanging file folders and a file crate or box is another low-cost option for organizing many inserts.

File crates or boxes have parallel rails on each side to support hanging file folders. Use one folder for each month, keeping each month's inserts together -- and you'll have plenty of room for storing multiple copies of inserts each week.

Then, just use a free-standing coupon wallet or check file to hold the loose coupons that were previously kept in the lower, small pockets of the split accordion file.

Step 2: Grocery List Matchup Sites and Coupon Lookup

Now, as you plan your weekly shopping trip, let one of many popular coupon sites help you by matching these coupons to the sales at your store:

Easiest sites for beginners:

  • Savings Angel - even assigns you an "angel" who you can speak with on the phone to help you get started to make sure you understand exactly how to use a matchup list!
  • Coupon Mom
  • Grocery Game

Additional matchup sites:

All of these sites refer to your inserts by an abbreviation that indicates the date and name of the insert. So, if the coupon you need is in the March 1st Procter & Gamble insert, the site will say "3/1 PG."

Insert Abbreviations:

PG = Procter & Gamble
SS = SmartSource
RP = RedPlum
KL = Kellogg's
GM = General Mills
AY = All You Magazine

Again, you'll only cut the coupons you need for this week's trip, so there's no need to carry all of your coupons to the store with you. Everything else stays in the insert, and the inserts stay organized in your file, ready for when you plan next week's trip!

Grocery List Matchup sites give you lists each week that match current coupons to your area stores' sales. Here's an example from SavingsAngel.com:

Here's how to read the list. (The actual list has hundreds of items to choose from each week.)

The "Store" column shows that this list is for Walgreens.
The "Product" column shows the item on sale.
The "Available Coupons" column shows all current coupons for this item, inserts, printable, and electronic coupons.
The "Prices" column shows the regular price, sale price, and post-coupon price.
The "Amount Saved" column shows the percentage saved off the original price. My rule of thumb is that anything 50% or better, if you need that item, is a "buy!"
The "Add to List" column has a checkbox. If you wish to buy this item and add it to your printed shopping list, click the box.

So, in looking at the first item on this list, Ajax cleanser is on sale at Walgreens for .33 a can. There is a $1-off-2 coupon in the February 27th SmartSource coupon insert. As it's only .33 a can, but the coupon takes .50 off two items, we'll get two cans free.

No matter which grocery list matchup site you use, the list is read in the same way. Click what you want, cut the corresponding coupons, and head to the store! This is the fastest, easiest way to match coupons to sales in as little time as possible.

Coupon Lookup: Find specific coupons that you need

Use a free Coupon Lookup if you need to look up a specific coupon by typing a brand, like "Pillsbury," or a product type, like "toothpaste."

This is a great tool for finding specific coupons for items that you need to buy right now. It's also a quick and easy way to match coupons to sales at any store, even a smaller, local chain that perhaps one of the larger grocery list matchup sites does not follow. Grab your flyer, circle the products that you want to buy, then look up the corresponding coupons. I write the coupon references right on the flyer ("3/1 PG") and then head to your coupon file. Cut those coupons, and you're off to the store.

Step 3: Carry only the coupons you need to the store:

Because we're not taking a large amount of coupons to the store each time, it's not necessary to use anything special to carry coupons in! Many people simply carry them in an envelope or sandwich bag. A small coupon wallet is another great way to carry coupons:

This coupon wallet has pockets labeled with the names of stores frequented, as well as a pocket to hold all coupons for FREE items. It also contains a small front pocket to hold shoppers' discount cards for various stores, and a large front pocket to hold the coupons that will be taken to the register.

As you go through the store and add an item to the shopping cart, it's easy to remove the corresponding coupon from that store's pocket (i.e. "Target,") and place it in the front pocket of the wallet.

Then, when you arrive at the register, simply take the stack of coupons from the front pocket, along with your shopper's card, and hand it to the cashier. This is a much easier, less labor-intensive method than most people have traditionally used to organize coupons.

The "old" way? Cutting and organizing every single coupon received in the newspaper each week, and carrying all of them to the store for every shopping trip in a large binder. With this method, we only cut the coupons we need for this trip, and each shopping trip can be planned in about a half-hour to an hour.

Another tip if you choose to use a wallet: Rainchecks! If your store is out of an item this week, leave that coupon in the corresponding store's pocket. This will remind you what you need to get rainchecks for before you leave the store. Keep the raincheck in the same pocket as your unused coupons, and the next time you visit the store, the coupon and raincheck are right there, ready to redeem.

Step 4: Printable and electronic coupons... and more

Printable coupons:

Print FREE coupons from Coupons.com
Print FREE coupons from CouponNetwork.com
Print FREE coupons from Redplum.com
Print FREE coupons from Smartsource.com
There are many places to print coupons online. Always stick to reputable sites and manufacturer's own sites -- sites offering "free" coupons that want you to pay for access to them are scams. You should NEVER have to pay to print a coupon from a legitimate site.

All of these sites are free to use and none require registration! Remember, most printable coupons have a print limit of two, so always go back and try to print again until you receive the message that your print limit has been reached.

My strategy for printables is this: I do NOT print every coupon I see -- this wastes paper and ink if you ultimately won't use them. I simply print anything that this week's grocery list is calling for (the matchup and lookups shown above will also tell you where many of the best printable coupons are for the current week) and I also print anything I'd consider to be high-value ($1.00 or more) for a product that I know that I'll use and buy. If I'm using a printable this week, it goes right into my coupon wallet. If not, I will put it in the front part of the accordion file, with the "loose" coupons, for a future sale.

Electronic coupons:

In addition to the coupons we find in our newspaper inserts and online, many stores are also offering electronic coupons as well! These coupons can be loaded onto your shopper's card for your store, and you automatically receive the savings at checkout.



Electronic coupons on individual stores' sites

If your local store doesn't participate in any of these programs, make sure to check the store's website as they may offer their own electronic coupons there, like these offered at my local supermarket:


Get All You Plus a FREE Gift!All You - A Coupon Magazine!

Have you heard of All You Magazine? It's an inexpensive ($2.49/issue) magazine devoted to enjoying life "for less!" Not only does it have great articles devoted to saving money and living well, it is also filled with manufacturer coupons! Each month, an issue of All You typically contains $50-$100 worth of manufacturer coupons inside. It truly pays for itself if you use just a couple of them.

Many of the coupon tools I show above (Grocery List Matchups, Coupon Lookup) also include the All You coupons in their lists, because there are so many of them.

And, All You is really a bargain if you subscribe to it! Subscribe for one year and pay less than for 12 issues - that's about $1.67 a month.

Still have questions? I have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section on my blog, written specifically for new coupon shoppers. Take a look!

Note: Keep in mind that I blog daily at www.jillcataldo.com too, offering news, articles and tips, posting "Deals of the Week" writeups of everything free and cheap with coupons, and answering questions from readers. Join me on my blog and learn more great ways to save!

- Jill



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