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Super-Couponing is everywhere... here's a sampling:

On television:

The Super-Couponers
Inside Edition
World's Premier Coupon Expert

Fox News (National)
National Coupon Month

ABC World News
Coupon Clipping is Trendy

Windy City Live
Jill Cataldo, Coupon Expert

ABC News
Secret Savings: $92.94 bill to $10.17
The Post and Courier
2500 Flock to Super-Couponing Seminar
Fox News
Coupon Queen: $98.09 bill to $8.63

ABC News
Hidden Secrets at the Supermarket

In print:

Read the Chicago Tribune's incredible, lengthy profile of Jill Cataldo: Coupon Superstar!
This article was also picked up and run in over 25 other newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Q&A with Super-Couponing Guru Jill Cataldo

Consumer Reports' ShopSmart
Save at the Store: Aisle by Aisle Tips
to use Next Time you Shop

Super-Couponing Tips
Jill Cataldo's weekly newspaper column, syndicated to a national audience of over 20 million readers each week

On the radio:

An in-depth interview with Jill Cataldo
on Super-Couponing, shopping, saving, and life:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Jill Cataldo discusses Super-Couponing and grocery savings on on the "Making Money Work" show:


Jill Cataldo's a longtime regular on the Jonathon Brandmeier radio show in Chicago with her "Deals of the Week" grocery shopping and coupon radio segment. Listen to some sample clips on the Reach and Influence page of this site.



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